• before
  • after

Very large Empire inspired frame
Owner: Private.
Long term storage in an unstable environment resulted in a very blackened frame but careful cleaning recovered it’s lustre.

Late 19th century Empire-derived compound frame
Owner: Bury Art Gallery.
Many years of exposure to airborne pollution can completely disguise the true nature of an ornate frame.

Carved "Pitti Palace" style frame for 19th century portrait
Owner: Private Client.
Simply cleaning an ornate frame can recover its full glory.

Late 17th century frame for a portrait of an unknown man
part of the "Marple Hall Portraits"
Owner: Stockport Heritage Services.
Heavy overpaint disguised the true nature of this frame. Removing the overpaint revealed the original, silvered surface. This frame, and the others in the set will be on public display in the newly restored "Staircase House", Stockport.

19th century, Empire derived scotia frame
Owner: Private client.
Many years of dirt removed by cleaning.

Frame for "Mrs Morison of Haddo" by Allan Ramsay
Owner: York Museums Trust.
Photograph shows frame partially cleaned, the highly reflective surface is revealed in the inner hollow.