Have you ever visited an art gallery and noticed the picture frames rather than the paintings? Unless you are already a frame enthusiast you probably noticed the frame because there was something wrong with it - usually damage, dirt or just something indefinable. Many of the best, hand made picture frames will never be noticed by the art lover because they are around some of the finest paintings - and that’s how it should be. The purpose of the frame is to protect, surround and embellish the painting without getting in the way of the viewing experience. Notice the frame and there’s something wrong!

My vocation is in putting things right again. An historic picture frame in poor condition can make a good painting undisplayable. When the frame is right the painting will look better.


Historically, great skill has been invested in creating masterpieces in which to show off masterpieces. Ornate carved and gilded frames could cost as much if not more than the painting and often the artists themselves would be responsible for the commission. Frame designs were conceived in the same atmosphere as the art and affected by the same fashions - so keeping a painting with it’s original frame is essential.

Sadly, in the process of protecting and surrounding, the frame will take much of the damage. Even if untouched on the castle wall for 200 years, layer upon layer of dust and pollution will spoil the presentation. This is where the conservator or restorer step in, by removing some of the dirt, replacing the lost or broken, the magic is returned and the painting can be seen again. Of course it is important to clean the right bits with the right equipment or worse damage can be inflicted. It is important to put back the right bits with the right materials to retain the character and presentation. So it is important to get a professional who is adequately trained and experienced... like me.

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