Owner: Private
Material: Reclaimed Oak (Quercus robur).
Commissioned to produce a set of gargoyles carved in the round from sections of lock-gate timber reclaimed from Manchester canal.

Owner: Private
Material: Lime (Tilia vulgaris).
Replacement tassels (subsequently gilded) for a highly decorative piece of furniture.

Owner: Leeds City Council/Temple Newsam House
Material: Reclaimed oak (Quercus robur).
Original pilasters from a fire surround needed new inserts to replace missing sections. As the pilasters were made as a pair the missing elements could be easily ascertained.

Owner: Private
Many flowers (160mm diameter), each a precise copy from a decorative ceiling, carved in reclaimed timber for an artist's installation.

Decorative Fillet
Material: Lime (Tilia vulgaris).
Based on a distorted surviving sample, this fillet was carved as a form for casting many replacement sections of decorative fillet.

Chair Back
Owner: Private
Material: Oak (Quercus robur).
Decorative panels carved into the back of a story-teller's gothic throne.

Gilt foliage
Owner: Castle Howard, Yorkshire.
Material: Lime (Tilia vulgaris)
Set of four full size 18th century portrait frames with applied swags and festoons "as nature". Many losses required carved replacements, all needed to match in style but not repeat existing patterns.

Frame for "The Careless Husband" by Philip Mercier, 1738.
Owner: York Museums Trust.
New scroll carved in pine to replace loss, subsequently re-surfaced and coloured to blend in.

Coat of Arms
Owner: Private Client.
Material: Lime (Tilia vulgaris)
Production of Coat of Arms in 3D copied from drawings of family crest.

Material: Lime (Tilia vulgaris)
My own - sample leaf, completely undercut (to prove I could!).